December 17, 2009

Neutral: Shadows and Lipsticks

Favorites: Copper Spice Palette and Smooth Nude Lipstick


Loreal Duo: Foxy
Pearl Peachy Pink and Matte Brown (might work to fill in brows)
Modelco: Costa Rica and Miami
Taupe Brown and Ivory
Loreal: Playful
Peach/Coral and Deep Purple/Red/Brown
In the Buff (Light Apricot to Taupe)
Copper Spice (Ivory to Brown)
Sandstorm (Ivory/Pink to Greys)

Revlon Colorstay:
Cozy Coral (Peach)
Pink Induglence (Light Pink)
Smooth Nude (Nude)
These lipsticks are smooth and smells like vanilla, very moisturizing.

Covergirl Shine:
Petal Shine
Nude Shine
2-in-1: Lipstick and Gloss
Pretty Sheer