June 14, 2010

Italian Shoes: Vigotti and Casadei

I was looking through my shoes and I thought I should take pictures of them, so I can find a way to organize my collect. I have very few Italian ones, so I will start with those.

Vigotti - Karmen in Moro Satin

Vigotti - Kaitlin in Red Satin

The heels on these are very low compared to others in my collection. I think they're good for business and charity events, where you tend to be on your feet more. But, it depends on the location, because the soles are very smooth and can be hazardous in some areas, especially when wet.

These are definitely my most expensive pair of shoes. I got them years ago, prior to my continuous urge to purchase shoes.

Unfortunately, these are half a size too small and I abused them long ago, so a few of the detailing pieces are missing. I haven't really worn them much, but they are comfortable and oh so cute.