September 12, 2010

Maybelline New York: Moisture Extreme Lipcolor

These lipsticks have pretty good color payoff, but it does depend on the color. The lighter colors with lots of shimmer are lighter, but the darker colors with and without shimmer have really good color payoff. These are very moisturizing and cost less than most drugstore lipsticks, about $5.

I think these are better than the new color sensational lipsticks, because these are still great after having them for a long while. On the other hand, the color sensational are great and smooth with great color payoff, but dry up in a few weeks. They start to smell and get way too dry to even use.

I have a bunch of these lipsticks, but these are only swatches of the ones that I still see in stores. From my thumb to my index finger are the ones I swatched.

All of these have a sheen, no glitter.
From Left to Right:
Metallic Mauve
That's Mauvie
Raspberry Rush
Truely Mauve
Rum Raisin